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Welcome to the Memon World

A website devoted to the Memon Community launched by an individual as community service



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This independent website providing information about the Memon community purely has been launched as a non-profit community service. It is a comprehensive website which provides information and material on many subjects of the interest to the community including but not limited to :



Memoni Jee Mehfil


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Recent New & Articles

Book Reviews

Origin of the Community

Brief History

Glimpses from the Past

Social Organization  

Welfare Organizations (Click here to view all the organizations & their details)


  • Quaid-e-Azam

  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad

  • Private Secretary to the Vicerory

  • Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani

  • Khawaja Nazimuddin

  • General Zia ul Haq

  • Prince of Wales ? Prince Charles

  • Mr. Tony Blair ? British Prime Minister

  • Mr. William Hague ? Leader of the Opposition ? British Parliament

Memon Population

  • Estimated Population of the Community in different parts of the world.

Memoni Language ? Why & How ?

  • Memon Community and Preservation of its Identity  

  • Memon Biradri Jee Shanakht Jo Mustakbil

  • Rules for writing Memoni

  • World Punjabi Conference

  • Ethnic Education in USA

Teach yourself Memoni

  • Simple Grammer

  • Everyday Conversation

Memoni Prose & Poetry

  • Gulistan-e-Saddi in Memoni  (Roman Script)  

  • Short stories in Memoni (Roman Script)

  • Motiyan Jee Mala in Memoni (Roman Script)

  • Memoni Kavita  (Roman Script)

  • Memoni Proverbs in Roman Script with English translation

Who?s Who           

  • Introduction of more than 175 prominent personalities of the Memon Community

News from Memon Alam

  • News from Monthly Memon Alam updated every month

Your comments & suggestions are welcome